AS & A Levels as a Private Candidate

Excel AS/A Levels as a Private Student in Dubai.

Our expert tutors, well-versed in both the CIE and Edexcel boards, offer personalized strategies and comprehensive coverage to guarantee exam excellence.

Why Choose AS & A Levels in Dubai?

AS & A Levels offer a dynamic and diverse curriculum, providing students with a solid foundation for further academic and professional pursuits, both locally in the UAE and internationally. By aligning with international benchmarks and fostering critical thinking skills, AS & A Levels equip students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in university and beyond, preparing them to excel in the future.


The Challenges Faced

Traditional schooling, though advantageous for numerous students, can present hurdles for individuals with distinct learning requirements or time constraints. Acknowledging these, our homeschooling services provide a tailored educational approach, catering to the specific needs of each student and cultivating an encouraging learning environment conducive to progress and achievement. Through customized instruction, individualized support, and a nurturing ambiance, we empower students to surmount academic challenges, foster confidence, and realize their utmost potential in AS & A Level examinations.


Our AS & A Level Success Formula

Benefitting from small class sizes that ensure personalized attention from experienced subject-specialized instructors, students receive tailored learning plans aimed at meeting their individual needs and aspirations.

  • Personalized study schedules tailored to match your preferred learning methods.
  • Thorough reviews of topics and ample practice with past exam papers.
  • Focus on mastering exam techniques and refining time management skills.
  • Regular feedback and continuous progress tracking to monitor development.


Subjects Covered in AS & A Level Exam Prep

Our tutoring services in Dubai cover a wide range of subjects to meet the diverse needs and interests of students:


Your Journey to AS & A Level Success Starts Here

Embark on your path to AS & A Level achievement as a private candidate and unleash your complete potential with our expert tutors in Dubai. With individualized support, thorough syllabus coverage, and a nurturing educational atmosphere, we are dedicated to assisting you at every stage of your academic journey. Enroll today to see the difference!

Why private studies with StayAhead?

  • Fast track your studies and reduce time to complete the IGCSE/ AS/A level in 6 months to 1 year.
  • Write board examinations at your convenience when you are ready in one or more sittings.
  • Examination can be taken in October/November or January or May/June.
  • Affordable fees (much less than school fees) payable in instalments.
  • No additional expenses for after school tutoring.

Our expert tutors can help with assignments, prepare you for exams and will ensure you get higher grades.


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