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How can Private Studies Help your Child? 

How can Private Studies Help your Child? 

Every parent wants to give their children all the right tools to go out and succeed. Starting by the time that kids are little, parents make plans about their future and think about them going to college so they can grow, as people, and as professionals. However, the decision on how to educate their children is a constant question in the life of a parent. 

What is the best option to consider in order to ensure success in school and college life? Should you be happy with the regular public education system or should you think about private education to favour your kid’s education and increase their chances of going to a good college? 

In case you are wondering, what private education can do for you and your family; keep reading, because here are some good reasons why a private school may be exactly what your child needs. 


Big Boost to Grades

With the private school's personalized system, students have the opportunity to reach their full potential and focus on the things that are difficult for them at school, correcting them one by one. By hiring a tutor, you will have someone who can explain complex elements, suggest the best material for understanding a subject, and guide students into better study techniques in and out of the classroom. Therefore, it is not rare for grades to go up considerably after starting private school.


Facilitating Access to Good Universities

Sometimes, students are not clear about what they want to study in college, in which case, a tutor can serve as a good career coach by recognizing the student's talents and tastes to guide them toward a possible career. In addition, if the student is not clear about what their college opportunities are based on their grades and academic abilities, private education offers counselling on what the best colleges are and what is needed to get into them.  

Furthermore, private education can offer material and guidance for college entrance exams and academic aptitude tests. 

Giving them new Syllabus and Curricula

In terms of diversity and subject variety, there is no doubt that private education has much more to offer than the traditional public system. Not only does each private school have its own curriculum, but also each one offers a syllabus with a set of pedagogical tools and material that is adapted to each student according to his or her needs and academic goals.


Helping them to keep up with school activities in case of migration

If you are a foreign student, whether in the UAE or anywhere else in the world, you are at a disadvantage when it comes to starting any project because you are not in your home country. Many times, you even have to learn the language and do some levelling work to catch up with the educational system in your new home.

In addition, if you travel at an inconvenient time such as mid-year, you may find yourself out of school and having to wait to start a new school year. Therefore, private school can be very helpful in adapting to a new academic system, learning before the new school year starts, and catching up with other students.

Giving them opportunities regardless of their learning skills and level

Each student is different and not all learn at the same pace. That is why it is so difficult to ensure success in all students of public institutions. The logic is simple; it is a large number of students for only one or two teachers, many details about student’s performance are lost in the daily practice. 

However, private education gives students the opportunity to level up and improve according to their needs. For instance, if you are a slow learner, a tutor will help you with anything that is difficult for you, providing you with strategies and material adapted to your learning style and the basic subjects that you need to learn.

If we think about it, since private schooling offers personalized education, it becomes a more inclusive learning system for different students, giving each one of them the opportunity to reach their potential and succeed in the academic world.


Reducing the time to complete the IGCSE/AS/A Levels

To access the best universities in the United Kingdom and the United States it is necessary not only to have good academic skills, speak English and meet the basic requirements of the university but - since the educational systems vary from country to country - to take special exams such as A-Levels and IGSCE. For this reason, when students opt for private education, they get access to theoretical and practical material to prepare themselves before taking these and other tests.



In short, a student who decides to study through the private system opens a window of opportunity to grow, learn more, and get ready for the future. 

Even if the traditional system is quite good, it cannot compare to the personalized attention offered by a tutor and the goal-oriented curriculum that comes with private schooling assistance. At Cordoba Institute we have years of experience helping students grow their confidence and reach target grades. Click here to learn more about our private schooling assistance service.

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