Homeschooling Support

Homeschooling support to complete your IGCSE, AS & A Levels as a private candidate.

What are the issues faced by students and parents?

  • Migrating to the UAE mid-year and admission to the desired class is not available.
  • The school learning environment for gifted learners, slow learners, students with learning disability, not being effective.
  • High fees and mode of payment

What else hinders academic progress?

  • Not satisfied with learning outcomes and are forced to spend on additional tutoring.
  • Selection of desired subjects especially at the AS/A level.
  • Students pursuing sports whose attendance gets affected due to time taken off to attend competitions and training.
  • Studying unwanted subjects just to make up the number of subjects.

Why private studies with StayAhead?

  • Fast track your studies and reduce time to complete the IGCSE/ AS/A level in 6 months to 1 year.
  • Write board examinations at your convenience when you are ready in one or more sittings.
  • Examination can be taken in October/November or January or May/June.
  • Affordable fees (much less than school fees) payable in instalments.
  • No additional expenses for after school tutoring.

How do we do it?

  • Small batches for individual attention.
  • Experienced, subject specialised teacher.
  • Pleasant learning experience and safe environment for motivation to learn.
  • Setting targets to achieve desired goals.
  • Regular monthly assessments with reports of progress sent to parents/guardians
  • Complete the syllabus, review all topics and past paper practice to sharpen exam-writing skills.
  • We also focus on all-round development and preparation for university tests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does private schooling provide an affordable option?

Private schooling often comes with affordable fees, which are significantly lower than traditional school fees, and can be paid in installments.

What are the benefits of private schooling for AS & A Level subjects?

Private schooling offers the advantage of selecting desired subjects for your AS & A Levels, without the need to study unwanted subjects just to meet subject number requirements.

How are assessments and progress monitored in private schooling?

Private schooling includes regular monthly assessments, and progress reports are sent to parents/guardians to ensure continuous improvement.

How does private study accommodate different learning needs?

Private study provides a tailored environment suitable for gifted learners, slow learners, and students with learning disabilities, ensuring effective learning for each individual.

Is additional after-school tutoring required for private study?

Private study eliminates the need for additional after-school tutoring, as it provides a focused learning environment with subject-specialized teachers.

How does private schooling address mid-year migration challenges?

Private schooling is a solution for students migrating to the UAE mid-year, as it allows them to continue their education without waiting for admission to the desired class.


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