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8 Benefits of Completing Your AS and A Levels Privately

8 Benefits of Completing Your AS and A Levels Privately

There are many options to consider when deciding on your next qualification. A common choice is to go straight from high school into further education. However, completing your AS and A-Levels through private schooling is an increasingly popular way to learn and is a great way of gaining qualifications if you need to re-sit.

Gaining a top-class education that is tailored to your needs will set up for the career path you want to join. Whatever subjects you might be interested in, it is essential to consider the benefits of studying for your AS and A-Levels privately when deciding on your path to your next qualification.

Learn at your own pace

Rather than being placed in a pre-determined social grouping, a structure of learning at your own pace means that you have the freedom to advance through the material at a different rate and at a pace that is best suited to you.

The primary benefit here is flexibility. You may find yourself getting through your coursework quite quickly, or you may be slowing down on some of the more complex topics. Gone is the threat of falling behind or missing out on important information because with private tutoring, you are in control of your workload.

Studying privately for AS and A-Levels allows you to complete the syllabus, review all the topics, and practice past papers to sharpen your exam writing skills, along with building upon your time management.

All of this in a pleasant learning environment and safe space, so you have the motivation to learn, along with practical and personalized feedback to help you keep on track. Learning at your own pace allows you to focus on what you are interested in and sets you up for success through maximal learning.

Quality online learning materials

When thinking about studying privately for AS and A-Levels, it is important to consider what tools and materials you will need to have access to achieve your educational goals.

Online and remote courses are more complex than translating written material into online formats. By carefully planning and utilizing available technologies, tutors can work with a wide range of different learning styles.

Studying all the module content will give you the thorough knowledge you need to pass your exams. Mock exams will help ensure that you know the material inside and out, so that you are both confident and fully prepared. Undertaking regular monthly assessments, with progress reports throughout the journey, will monitor your learning.

Remote learning

Our world is increasingly getting more remote. COVID-19 has pushed many sectors into working online and education is no different. Adapting to this change is crucial to the ongoing success of students and there are multiple benefits in completing study on a remote basis.

With the freedom to learn anywhere in the world, you can make the right decision for you, whether you choose to learn from home or in a more traditional setting.

Remote learning gives you access to people who you would not usually have had access to. It opens doors and helps you with global networking, something that is only to become more critical in the working world.

You may be holding down a full or part-time job, so consider the difference between working full days and commuting to school or completing your education from the comfort of your own home. Wherever you are, you can bring the entire classroom with you and always have complete access to your education.

Highly skilled tutors

Even if you choose to study remotely, you are not alone. Private tutoring allows you to take full advantage of the resources and support available throughout your studies, giving yourself the best chance in whatever you choose to do next. With specialized subject teachers, you can be sure that you are set up for success.

Receiving effective online instruction and guidance throughout your course or courses of choice is key. Tutors need to embody the necessary competencies for teaching online, including communication skills, technological competence, responsiveness, and the monitoring of learning.

A supportive tutor's presence is a critical factor relating to a student's success. Tutor responsiveness and availability become critical in remote delivery learning paths and are essential in engaging, retaining, and graduating online students.

Fast track and reduce time

Maybe you would like to fast-track the completion of your qualification for a career opportunity or to go into advanced study. A more direct route to achieving your educational goals, fast-tracking studies is a popular way of ensuring you can add to your CV within a set time frame.

Choose to sit board examinations at your convenience in a choice of different sittings, within flexible time frames. Exams can be taken at set times throughout the year, so you are sure to find an option that suits you. There are plenty of options for affordable and flexible installment payment options, all with no additional expenses for after school tutoring.

Work and play alongside qualifications

Fitting your studies around your home life, hobbies, and work-life is crucial. You may be finding it difficult to manage your other commitments like guitar practice or sporting competitions. Maybe you are looking for a way to study for the qualifications you want to gain without missing out on your extra-curricular activities.

A great benefit of choosing to complete your AS or A Level qualification privately is getting the freedom to balance your time learning with the hobbies you love in a schedule that you can tailor to your needs.

Individual attention

Some issues faced by students and parents include the school learning environment itself, which is often criticized for not always being advantageous to the development of gifted learners, slower learners, or students with learning disabilities. Students may not be 100% satisfied with their class's learning outcomes, and parents may feel that they need to take further steps, including spending money on additional tutoring.

Small group or individual learning is a key part of choosing private study for your qualifications and can be hugely beneficial. Enthusiastic tutors provide individual attention, focusing on all-round development and preparation for university tests, ensuring that you have a devoted contact on hand to help you through your studies.

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There is a diverse range of qualifications on offer to ensure that the focus remains on the individual student, as learning is very rarely one size fits all. You can learn in small classes, meaning that you get both the individual attention you need for success, along with the opportunity to continue building relationships and learning from your peers.

Personal development through self-study

The advantages of choosing to complete your AS and A-Levels privately go beyond gaining your qualification. Through this method of study, you can reach into expanding your personal development. You can develop invaluable skills like self-motivation, discipline, and personal responsibility.

Your tutors and peers' support and your engagement with the educational materials provided have been emphasized as core components of successful learning for students.

Through self-study, learning is encouraged to be taken beyond textbooks and used to develop your skills. The self-confidence you will gain will further assist you in networking opportunities and broadens your circle of contacts.

It takes a lot of hard work, but your curiosity, self-esteem, and confidence can rocket, putting you in the best possible position to achieve your educational goals.

Completing your AS and A-Level studies privately is becoming an increasingly popular way to reach your education goals. In our busy world, the ability to be able to gain your qualifications through remote learning, while not sacrificing your extra-curricular activities, is paramount. Combine this with individual one-to-one attention and the great potential for personal development and you can see that private schooling in Dubai through StayAhead is an option that is very much worth considering. Contact us today for more information on private tuition in Dubai and test preparation.

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